Book about lesbian couple back on grade school shelves after school district, ACLU settle

There are currently 16 reviews of “In Our Mothers’ House” at The average rating is four stars (out of five possible).

The most favorable review voted most helpful gushes about the book. “The book touches on many topics: the unconditional love of two mothers for their children, lesbian parenting, adoption, transracial [sic] families, homophobia, true family values, loss, and the comfort we find in the traditions that we create,” says Amazon reviewer Petra A. Mertens. “I have read it so many times — and still my eyes tear up at the end.”

There are two one-star reviews.

“I don’t want to have to explain to my children at an age where they cannot understand why these women are raising children together,” argues Amazon reviewer C Turtle in one of them. “They are too young to grasp the concept of marriage or love or commitment at this age. They are still trying to define their own emotions. Save these topics for an age where the children can at least put a name on what they’re feeling. If you are buying this for home use, buy away. It’s an interesting read. Note well that some topics in the book are for more mature children, though.”

The 33 comments in response to C Turtle’s review are overwhelmingly critical of C Turtle.

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