SEC subpoenas Obama-linked firm that sells Obamacare information to corporations

“On pharmacy and medical device arenas, I think that there are great  opportunities in these areas, but like the hospitals and other people and ACOs  we’ll have to flip the salesmanship, I think, and/or the evidence base for  medical devices and pharmacology interventions to show how they not only make a  person get better quickly on an acute care episode but how they can keep people well for a long period of time, avoid further medical care, and keep them out of  high-cost acute care settings,” Straube said.

The Marwood Group’s tactics have generated concern in the past. A former CMS analyst previously filed an ethics complaint about the Marwood Group to the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services, after the Marwood Group set up an intense meeting between high-level CMS staffers and five Wall Street professionals.

“They [the Wall Street professionals] got to probe us for hours in private about what we planned to do and how  we approached procedures for reimbursing medical devices, the mechanics and  psychology of CMS decision-making, in general and with respect to these specific  devices,” the CMS whistleblower told the Project on Government Oversight in 2011.

Despite the pending subpoena, no “political intelligence” firm at this point has ever been charged with insider trading.

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