Super PAC urges Americans to shut off Beyonce halftime show, work of ‘Illuminati’

A super PAC is encouraging Americans to skip Beyonce’s performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl because they claim the popular singer is a tool of the “Illuminati.”

U.S. News reports:

A libertarian-leaning super PAC is urging all Americans to turn off the halftime show during the Super Bowl because Beyonce’s performance will be the work of the “Illuminati.”

Elect a New Congress, a super PAC devoted to “restoring liberty” in Congress, is referring to a conspiracy theory about a secret and ancient group of rich and powerful people who once controlled every aspect of society. Some believe the Illuminati still exist, and that it was on display in Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show last year, when the pop icon wore an Egyptian headdress and was surrounded by male dancers who formed a pyramid—part of Illuminati symbolism.

The man behind Elect a New Congress, Bill Fawell, warned U.S. News that unsuspecting viewers could have their minds corrupted by Beyonce’s “military industrial police state … subliminal message:”

“If you look at some of Beyonce’s performances… it’s like the military industrial police state,” Fawell tells Whispers, noting that the pop star has previously performed surrounded by male dancers in protective helmets. “That’s the subliminal message that will be spreading worldwide because everyone watches the Super Bowl.”

Here’s a video of Fawell seeing secret messages in everything