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TheDC Morning: Do as I say, not as I allegedly do

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1.) Do as I say, not as I allegedly do — The Bob Menendez saga continues. Charles Johnson reports for TheDC:

“Despite allegations that Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic on several occasions in recent years, he has been a persistent critic of the Cuban regime for economic conditions that have led to widespread prostitution among young people. ‘The average Cuban worker lives on an income of less than $1 a day,’ Menendez said during a March 2, 2009 Senate floor speech, arguing that the communist Cuban dictatorship’s policies caused nationwide poverty. ‘This poverty has an enormous cost,’ the son of Cuban emigres to the U.S. explained. ‘The widespread desperation of families has forced far too many young girls and boys into becoming sex workers, even though defenders of the Revolution constantly cite the elimination of prostitution as one of its supposed accomplishments.'”

2.)  Geraldo for Senate — Guess who may be coming to the Senate sometime soon? TheDC’s Vince Coglianese reports:

“The mustachioed host of the ’s ‘Geraldo at Large’  is seriously considering running for U.S. Senate.  announced on his radio show Thursday that he has already told friends and family that he is considering running as a Republican against whatever Democrat wins the 2014 primary in . The two frontrunners for the Democratic primary are widely believed to be Newark Mayor Cory Booker and incumbent Senator Frank Lautenberg. Lautenberg has not yet announced whether he intends to retire or run for the seat again.”

3.) No love for Islamists — Rand Paul doesn’t think we should be funding anti-American governments.  The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Jim Antle reports:

“Federal lawmakers opposed to selling military aircraft and tanks to the Egyptian government pressed on Thursday, despite the defeat of an amendment that would have blocked the sale. ‘I think it is a blunder of the first proportion to send sophisticated weapons to a country that allowed a mob to attack our embassy and to burn our flag,’ Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said on the Senate floor. ‘I find it objectionable to send weapons, F-16s and tanks to a country that allowed a mob chanting ‘death to America’ to threaten our American diplomats.’ The Senate nevertheless voted 79 to 19 to table Paul’s amendment to the debt ceiling bill that would have prohibited the federal government from selling F-16 fighter jets, M1 tanks and similar weaponry to Egypt. But Paul quickly reintroduced the measure as a separate bill, while Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe introduced his own legislation to suspend the sales.”

4, All’s not quiet on the immigration front– Caroline May reports for TheDC:

“Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley introduced legislation on Thursday requiring all employers to confirm the legality of their employees through E-Verify. ‘E-Verify will safeguard opportunities for legal workers and give employers a reliable tool to have a legal workforce,’ Grassley, the ranking member on the Senate judiciary committee, said in a statement.”

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — jimantle If you nominate someone for a position with certain views, then tell them to have different views, you will get Hagel hearings.

6.) Today in North Korean News –BREAKING: “Fermented Flatfish Good for Health in Winter”

VIDEO: Hagel, McCain battle over success of Iraq serve 

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