Norquist: Immigration is good for the GOP

Beck disagreed with Norquist’s preference for the international labor market.

“As long as folks like Grover are flooding the labor market to suppress wages and keep the poor poor, poor Hispanics are going to vote Democratic. … If you need a safety net, you’re going to vote for a safety net,” said Beck. (RELATED — Expert: Bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill would cost billions)

Already, 75 percent of Hispanics prefer big government to small government, according to a April 2012 Pew poll. In November, 71 percent voted for President Obama, and only 27 percent pulled the lever for Mitt Romney, who is far less libertarian that Norquist. (RELATED: Polling data show bad news for GOP on immigration)

Under Norquist’s open-borders policy, said Beck, “you can’t have a Republican Party when you have a voting base that is impoverished and needs government assistance.”

Norquist normally pushes “for low taxes and small government, but when it comes to immigration, he always supports [economic] principles that result in larger government,” said Beck.

Norquist had few kind words for Beck’s group.

“They don’t like people,” he said. “Their [view is that] numbers look better when they have fewer people. What kind of metric is that, when more car accidents make them look better? … Maybe they should be in favor of not wearing seat-belts.”

Beck whacked right back.

“There is nothing that NumbersUSA has ever said, written or supported that would reduce the U.S. population,” he told TheDC. “Grover is for hire. Grover goes where the money takes him. If an American employer can pay someone a dollar a hour, of course he will, and that means we Americans will live at third-world standards.”

The NumbersUSA founder also said he has public opinion on his side. A January Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely voters reported that 83 percent believe it is very or somewhat important to “improve border enforcement and reduce illegal immigration.”

But the Rasmussen poll shows a conflicted — and perhaps uninformed — public. The overwhelming majority opposes illegal immigration, yet 64 percent said it is very or somewhat important to “legalize the status of illegal immigrants.”