In Menendez saga, prostitute points to wealthy Dominican politician as sex-party participant

Click here to read a translation of the April 21, 2010 email.

A translation of the complete Apr. 28, 2010 email follows below:

Thank you for your support, but I would like to know how you are going to help and protect us, from over there. Those people are very powerful and have a lot of money. I can answer your questions, but I don’t think I can protect myself from them. You surely don’t know what that world is like and we, the women, are very mistreated. Look, the youngest ones are between 16 and 18. They always look for the real young ones, because that is what they like most.

The bit about specific days is not so easy to remember, but I can remember they were around February 21, the beginning of March, around May 23 and another time in June 2009. I also saw them in May 2010, I think it was mid-[May], around the 15th or 16th and that time I remember they had a big event for the American with important people, I was not around, or any other girl, but I heard M***** talk about it, who worked over there in the La Romana house.

Like I said, it was Peter who told me that man was that senator. One day they put his photo in the newspaper and I told him that that was the doctor’s friend who was American and participated in those activities. I have seen many pictures of him since.

Peter was also very shocked when I told him he was the doctor’s friend, and we looked for more photos on the Internet since Peter wanted me to be very sure, but I don’t have a single doubt, I do know well that that is the same American friend, that Bob, the very same man in the photos. But of course in that photo he looks all serious. No, since in the activities I talked about he wore a different kind of clothing.

Peter is very good. He has many desires to help all of us because he is an angel and seriously is worried for my sister, and for me. Tell me how you can help us and how you will protect us. I await your reply.