USDA now employs ‘full-time dietitian’ to counsel employees on how to eat

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has completely revamped its cafeterias after lawmakers in Congress condemned the agency for not following the same dietary guidelines as the nation’s schools. (RELATED: Congressman challenges USDA to follow own school lunch restrictions)

In addition to serving only “fryer-less” food now, taxpayers are on the hook for a “full-time dietitian” at the agency who counsels employees on how to eat appropriately.

The Washington Post reports:

There will even be a full-time dietitian on site to answer employee questions, which Choi believes is key in the transition to a fryer-less world. After all, USDA workers can easily sidestep the whole healthful-eating program; they could, for example, take a short trip down Independence Avenue to the Energy Department cafeteria, where the deep fryers are still bubbling.

“I think it’s really vital that we have education,” Choi [chief operating officer for food service company I.L. Creations] said. “Because you can’t just give them a different option that’s healthy and tell them to buy it and eat it.”

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