Anonymous prostitute’s shocking handwritten account recalls sex with Bob Menendez ‘when I was 16 years old’

English translation:

I have visited Salomon Melgen’s house with my other friends. When I first went in 2008, I was underage, but no one ever asks me my age when I go to work because I know I look older, because of my body and because I am tall. The important thing to enter there is to be young, very attractive, decent and pleasant.

I met Senator Bob Menendez at Salomon’s house when I was 16 years old. I spent time with him several times right there in Solomon’s house and we had intimate relations. That was in February and March 2009. I also remember on one occasion the senator participated in one of the yacht outings, to which I went various times with Salomon and other girls.

That trip was luxurious. Salomon was there, Bob (the senator), another friend of theirs who is the son of Vincho Castillo, the owner of the yacht, and various girls. Among the girls were Y******, who at the time was exclusively Salomon’s woman, and I also remember M**** and C******, and a Brazilian, who were the ones who had been Salomon’s little friends for the longest time.

That time there were also at least two other girls who were younger than me. In that group, nobody knew who the senator was. I didn’t know either. It was Peter who told me much later. During that visit of Senator Bob Menendez to the Dominican Republic, I had intimate relations with him on more than one occasion.

I participated in many of those activities, but nobody can accuse me of anything for that. If I have to say everything I know to protect myself, I will.

To enter into those activities, R***** would pick me up, or sometimes M******. R***** is Salomon’s Mercedes Benz chauffeur. I still have the telephone number for him, with which we communicated.

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