Progressives, union members are sharply split on immigration, poll shows

Currently, the nation now accepts roughly 1 million new legal and illegal immigrants each year.

For 100 years, the unions “has always stood on the principle of tight labor markets because that is was the best way to improve wage and conditions of American workers,” Beck said.

“Now they’re pushing for looser markets“ that reduce workers’ economic and bargaining power, he said.

The 2013 Rasmussen poll follows a huge 2010 poll of 7,046 union members by Zogby International for the Center for Immigration Studies, an immigration-reform group seeking to reduce the inflow of workers.

That poll showed that only 19 percent of union members strongly support a so-called “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens. The same poll showed that 37 percent strongly appose amnesty.

Also, 62 percent of union members wanted stronger enforcement of immigration laws to pressure illegal immigrants to return home.

In union households, only 10 percent supported higher immigration, while 72 percent said Americans can fill the open jobs.

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