University of Michigan apparently reinstates Christian group it tolerantly ejected

By Monday afternoon, though, an Asian InterVarsity representative had received an email confirming the group’s registration as an officially recognized campus group.

Chang told The Michigan Daily that she basically has no idea if the group is actually officially recognized now. She also doesn’t know what responsibility — if any — the university would accept in the event of a complaint under its nondiscrimination policy.

Ultimately, then, Asian InterVarsity made no changes to its constitution. Leaders must still sign a statement professing their Christian faith. The group is apparently still in violation of the University of Michigan’s official nondiscrimination policy. The difference is that it wasn’t recognized as a campus group and now it is — maybe.

InterVarsity’s national website tells of a much rosier ending to the saga. “The University of Michigan has re-recognized the Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter, creating an exemption to its non-discrimination policies to allow religious student organizations to use religious criteria in selecting their leaders,” a statement on the group’s website reads.

“We are grateful that the university has taken a common sense approach to this situation,” added Greg Jao, InterVarsity’s national field director.

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