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Watch Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) condemn sex slavery

The other day I noted that Andrew Kaczynski, AKA “BuzzFeedAndrew,” made some obtuse, nitpicky complaints about my mockery of BuzzFeed’s near-total lack of coverage of Bob Menendez. Either Kaczynski was pretending to miss the point, or he wasn’t pretending.

I concluded with this:

Apparently someone did ask Kaczynski, or perhaps he asked himself. Because instead of continuing to whine and deflect, he put together this revealing video of Sen. Menendez opining on the evils of prostitution:

Bob Mendendez might want to compare notes with Eliot Spitzer.

And it’s good to know that every once in a while, even BuzzFeed staffers can be shamed into doing their jobs. A good deed is a good deed, even if it’s motivated by spite. Kudos, BuzzFeedAndrew.