News reports: Bob Menendez visited donor’s Dominican resort home in 2006

Menendez has issued blanket denials to the prostitution allegations that first surfaced when The Daily Caller interviewed two women in 2012 who said they were paid to sleep with him.

Those sexual encounters occurred over the Easter weekend in 2012, the women said.

New allegations surfaced in January after TheDC was first to report on a cache of emails, published online, that depicted communications among a whistle-blower, several prostitutes, an FBI agent and a left-leaning government reform group. (RELATED: Dominican prostitute said Menendez “likes the youngest and newest girls”)

Menendez insisted to reporters on Feb. 4 that he has not engaged in any contact with prostitutes.

Despite the fact that TheDC has interviewed two of his accusers, he characterized claims that he slept with prostitutes as coming from “anonymous, nameless, faceless individuals.”

“The bottom line,” Menendez added, “is all of those smears are absolutely false.”

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