Feline Fantasies: 10 cats that look like pinup girls [SLIDESHOW]

There’s nothing the world loves more than pictures of girls in little to no clothing — except for maybe cute cats.

Cats, like women, comfort you when you’re lonely and like to prance around begging for your love and affection. They love to pout in a corner when angry and refuse to leave the house unless they look purr-fect. Some say high maintenance. We’ll stick with refined.

Naturally, someone felt it necessary to find cats that look like pinup girls, and to that we say “God bless.”

Enjoy the best from catsthatlooklikepinupgirls.tumblr.com.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • "Oh, don't mind us while we casually stretch our legs behind our head."
  • "Howdy, partner. Mind if I lasso you up?"
  • Nothing goes together quite as well as pinups and fish -- except for maybe cats and fish.
  • A'hoy there, kitty!
  • Just casually sliding down the stair rail. No big deal.
  • "Were you just checking out my behind?"
  • Just two cats getting all dirty rolling around in the field.
  • Me-Yow!
  • "Don't bother me, I'm tanning," is what we think they are both thinking.
  • Cats, like pinup girls, enjoy pole dancing.

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