Inside the Tea Party Patriots’ plan to launch a super PAC

Martin said about 90 percent of the Tea Party Patriots voted in favor of establishing a super PAC, saying they felt “inhibited” by not being able to get more involved in races. More than 80 percent voted for the organization to make endorsements, she said.

Martin said the group might run ads on television and online, but will focus on having a “very good ground game.”

“Whether we make an explicit endorsement or not, we can certainly be out talking about the voting records of the candidates and the values they have and whether they support our values or not,” she said.

Martin also said there is no strict fundraising target yet for the new PAC.

“We’re raising funds first, and then we’re going to build our ground game and then see where we’re at come the early primary season,” she said, adding that the recent news that Karl Rove’s American Crossroads is launching the Conservative Victory Project did not influence Tea Party Patriots’ decision to start a PAC.

The Victory Project says it wants to make sure Republicans nominate the most electable conservatives.

But many conservative activists fear that means the Victory Project will go after real conservatives, and show, in Martin’s words, “just how out of touch the consultant class in Washington D.C. and their establishment is with the people around the country.”

Asked whether the Tea Party Patriots wish they’d started the PAC sooner, Martin said the timing is just right.

“The grassroots didn’t want this four years ago,” she said. “We’re very nimble. We’re able to adjust quickly. And that allows us to do things like starting this PAC.”

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