Detroit woman returns home to find robbers having veritable party

Grae Stafford | Freelance Photographer

A woman in Detroit recently returned home to find that two neighbors had broken in, helped themselves to her gin and Seagrams “Happy Juice,” cooked all her crab legs and shrimp, and even put a turkey in the oven — all while high as kites on marijuana.

The victim, who declined to speak on camera to, described her house after the impromptu party as a “hot mess”.

The relatives of one of suspects said the other suspect was already squatting in the house, and that the only thing that their brother was guilty of was going over to a house for a party.

“If you a home owner or renting a property or whatever, you don’t leave your home for three or four months. It’s Detroit, Michigan. This is the hungry capital of the world, and we will squat in your house.”

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