Nugent rides into town ahead of State of the Union [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford | Freelance Photographer

Ted Nugent, the camouflage-wearing rock singer and forceful advocate of the Second Amendment, arrived on Capitol Hill today as the guest of Republican Rep. Steve Stockman for the State of the Union address.

At a press conference, he described in particularly colorful terms what he thinks is wrong with President Barack Obama’s gun policy. (RELATED VIDEO: Ted Nugent tells Piers Morgan to leave gun-rights advocates the “hell” alone)

“The current firepower consumer orgy that brings a smile to our faces here is a statement by America: Don’t tread on me,” Nugent said. “If you even hint that you are going to ban this ammo or this firepower, we are going to buy it in such quantities as to make your attempted ban virtually impossible to enforce.”

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