Banana Joe rightfully wins best in show at Westminster [PHOTO]

Banana Joe, a black affenpinscher, won best in show Tuesday at the 86th Westminster Kennel Club dog show. And rightfully so.

Not only does he have the best dog name (his full name is Banana Joe V Tani Kazari) and cutest monkey face of all time, he is very well-traveled and versed in several languages.

Joe lives in the Netherlands with his owner, but speaks “German, Dutch, Spanish and English,” his co-owner and breeder Mieke Cooijmans told The Associated Press.

Banana Joe gets no prize money because he is a dog and cannot use human currency, but does get an engraved silver bowl and a lifetime of being known as the best dog in the world.

An English sheepdog with an admittedly cool name — Swagger — came in second, but couldn’t quite beat out Banana Joe’s Ewok-like features, because just look at him!

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