British press, royals have a conniption fit over pregnant Kate Middleton photos [PHOTO]

Remember these photos? (Of course you do.)

Ah, to be rich and royal. Kate Middleton isn't usually scandal-prone, but 2012 was her banner year. First, she was photographed topless from about a mile away while sunbathing naked on vacation with her husband back in August. In December, the Duchess of Cambridge announced she was expecting her first baby. The news became embroiled in tragedy after a prank call to Kate's hospital went wrong after the nurse who took the call committed suicide.

Now Chi, the same Italian tabloid owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has gone and enraged both the British royals and the British press again. (RELATED: Italian mag prints more topless photos of Kate Middleton)

Despite being sued over the nude photos last year, the magazine plastered a photo of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge in a bikini on its cover, and the royals are not happy and the British press is FREAKING OUT.

“We are disappointed that photographs of the duke and duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy,” a spokeswoman for St James’ Palace told UK’s The Guardian. (RELATED: Kate Middleton is still naked, and just a little bit less blurry)

In one photo, Kate can be sunbathing in a bikini while on a vacation the private island of Mustique. In another, Kate and William walk along the beach. Pictures of the couple have been blocked out by all of the British press for fear of the Queen’s wrath.

UK’s The Mirror has a post dedicated to “live updates” as the “scandal” unfolds, because this is the first time a pregnant woman has ever worn a swimsuit.

The Daily Mail writes of “royal fury” and is aghast that publications in the U.S., Australia, France and Germany have purchased rights to the photos.

UPDATE: In the interest of journalistic integrity, this post has been reflected to show more of Kate Middleton’s belly button. The original version of this post had a lame black box covering the photo that the Brits are so angry about.

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