Carolla rejects Obama’s call to raise the minimum wage: ‘Stop sh–ting out kids’

“I didn’t have anything — I just knew this job at McDonald’s sucked,” he continued. “If they paid me 10 bucks an hour, maybe I’d be managing the place today. So your jobs where you’re paid just a little bit are jobs you’re supposed to have in high school and you’re supposed to move through. And you certainly aren’t supposed to have two fucking kids when you’re making minimum wage. It’s not responsible; it’s not responsible to the kids you’re trying to raise; and it’s not responsible to the community they live in because you’re not — you’re not paying your fair share.”

On that “fair share” point, he explained that in a minimum wage job, you’re not paying enough in taxes for the government resources you are using as a parent.

“You’re not paying your fair share when you make minimum wage and you have these two kids and they’re enrolled in the schools and they’re using the system and all that kind of stuff,” Carolla continued. “You are definitely not paying your fair share. You’re not going to cover those kids’ medical costs and beyond. So you want to talk about fair share? Stop shitting out kids when you can’t afford kids.”

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