How to send Valentine’s flowers to someone who works in the Capitol

Additionally, “sealed envelopes or containers are not allowed to be introduced into a Senate building.”

If you’re the secret admirer of a congressional staffer – or a member of Congress, we won’t judge – and hoping to anonymously declare your love, well, you’re out of luck. According to the SAA memo: “Under no circumstances should you accept delivery of any type of flower arrangement or other gift if you do not know the sender.”

Basically, women and men who work in the Senate are just not destined to get flowers on Valentine’s Day. You’re loved,  just not while at work.

“I have NEVER gotten flowers thanks to SAA,” said Suzanne Bottorff, press secretary for Sen. Jim Risch.

But the most determined of men will find a way around.

Thursday morning, Bottorff’s fiancé, Senate Republican Conference staffer Ryan Wrasse, handed her paper roses “that he literally hand-crafted because of the SAA restrictions.”

Step it up folks. He’s putting you to shame.

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