U Chicago sex week events include ‘Sex for Kids,’ ‘Anal 101’

This week is sex week at the University of Chicago, where participants can attend 36 sex-crazed events, including an anal sex workshop and a discussion on talking to kindergartners about sex and gender.

Sex week’s organizers billed it as “a week of open minds, learning, art, critique, and sensuality; a week of boundaries, words, and blurring them.” Some highlights of the many events include “Atheism and Sex,” “Great Oral Sex,” “Anal 101,” “Sex Work 101,” “Genitalia: The Musical,” “Menstrual Ed 101,” “Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody,” and “Sex Ed for Kids.”

A press release describes that last event as a workshop featuring the university’s Secular Alliance that will consider “how do we talk about sex and its related concepts choice, gender, and desire to our kindergarteners?” The event will take place Sunday at 5:00 PM.

Sex week was paid for by $5,000 worth of mandatory student fees, according to CampusReform. Minutes from a meeting of the UC student government revealed that the body in charge of allocating student funds believed the events were “well planned and important for students.” The committee voted to approve funding by a vote of 5-1.

As Valentine’s Day approached, campus sex events seem to be reproducing. North Carolina State University recently held a “Sexy Bingo” event where the winners received free sex toys. And just last week, the University of Illinois brought a former porn star to campus to host several sex-themed events, including a screening of her films and a workshop on having better orgasms. (RELATED: University butt-plug giveaway raises concerns)

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