Climate change protestors flood National Mall

McKibben told the crowd their enemies’ agenda is to “wreck the earth.” A truck-size advertisement parked on Constitution Ave. behind him called oil executives “greedy, lying bastards.”

But the atmosphere was not entirely negative. Around a mock-up of the Keystone pipeline, a group of high school and college students danced as a disc jockey played disco tunes. At one point, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, the voluble emcee dressed in a crooked baseball cap and priest’s collar, exhorted his listeners to lower their protest signs, then shuffle slightly to the left and jump. It looked like the electric slide, said one protestor.

“The most fateful battle in human history has been joined,” McKibben said, echoing Jones, who said the moment was “the last minute in the final quarter of the biggest game humanity has ever played.”

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