Rupert Murdoch tweets his opposition to Keystone XL pipeline

News Corp chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter to tell the world about his opposition to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, reports the Houston Chronicle.

“Is Keystone Pipeline really good idea? Bringing lots of heavy, dirty oil across country, when fracked, cheaper, cleaner energy available,” Murdoch tweeted Friday.

Many outlets in Murdoch’s media empire, including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, have been staunch supporters of developing oil and gas resources in the U.S. and has also been critical of renewable energy.

“Keystone Pipeline not needed for energy independence. Many options, let’s discuss. And let’s stop wasting money on ridiculous windmills,” he tweeted again on Friday.

The Chronicle reports that Murdoch has called shale gas “greatest news of the decade” and has extolled the benefits of building up U.S. infrastructure.

“Why not switch from useless renewable energy investments to real job creating infrastructure projects. Many great possibilities waiting,” he tweeted last month.

“Climate change very slow but real. So far all cures worse than disease. Shale gas huge breakthrough for US. Half carbon of coal and oil,” Murdoch tweeted in July.

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