Petition against criminal penalties for unlocking cellphones gathers steam, as ‘Father of Internet’ lends support

Khanna also hopes that this petition will show others that young conservatives and Republicans understand technology, and how law is impacting markets and innovation.

Calling the ruling “a clear example of crony capitalism,” he said, “While the technologies involved here may seem novel – cellphone unlocking – the arguments for this issue are not new ones for the Republican Party.”

“This is a clear example of an invasion of individual property rights, over-criminalization at the federal level, and government intervention into the private sector,” said Khanna.

Khanna continued in an email statement to TheDC, “As for property rights, the operative question is do you own your own phone?”

“This is something that clearly should not be a federal crime,” he said. “And this ruling creating higher barriers to entry and hinders competition in the free market.”

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