Abortion group hires Obama-linked consulting firm to grill pro-lifers at home

“They asked about my personal involvement, any kind of activity or speaking I do on the matter,” Earley said.

Earley has never seen his video interview, and he did not know until recently that it had ended up in NARAL’s hands.

“They said they couldn’t say who else they were interviewing. It seems like they were under a gag order. They couldn’t tell me who it was for. I asked to see the video of me, but they weren’t willing to show me that,” Earley said.

Earley added that he has no idea how NARAL used his interview footage in the “12 to 18 months” between his interview and the recent NARAL dinner.

Newly minted NARAL president Hogue is a veteran activist who has worked for MoveOn.org and Media Matters for America.

“It seems like [Hogue] is well aware of the fact that there is a growing movement especially among younger people that can’t ignore the science and technology any longer that proves the humanness of the womb,” Earley said. “And she recognizes that. So she’s worried about that, she’s specifically afraid of that aspect of it. She’s particularly concerned about the young people.”

Having now learned firsthand about NARAL’s tactics, Earley said that others in the pro-life movement should be especially careful in their statements.

I think it’s all the more important for people like me who care about protecting mothers and children to be prepared and articulate so that when we speak and when we communicate, we communicate in a sensitive way and in a true way, so that we don’t get caught by any opponent or any media outlet saying something that isn’t true,” Earley said.

GMMB declined to comment. NARAL did not return a request for comment.

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