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What’s going on with Bob Beckel?

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Matt K. Lewis
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      Matt K. Lewis

      Matt K. Lewis is a senior contributor to The Daily Caller, and a contributing editor for The Week. He is a respected commentator on politics and cultural issues, and has been cited by major publications such as The Washington Post and The New York Times. Matt is from Myersville, MD and currently resides in Alexandria, VA. Follow Matt K. Lewis on Twitter <a>@mattklewis</a>.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about Bob Beckel. We’ve learned he writes checks¬†when cash would be preferable.

We’ve learned he apparently doesn’t consider date rape on college campuses to be rape. We’ve learned that when he goes swimming, his eyes look “Oriental.

And who could forget that weird line about Juan Williams waking up next to Michelle Malkin with a shotgun?

What we don’t know is why he still has a job. A lot of people have been hounded off the air for saying a lot less…