Ten shocking lessons a huge Texas conglomerate has foisted on public school students

9. Help Ban Ki-moon and his U.N. cronies prevent a Malthusian population catastrophe

A document used in science courses on environmental systems is a letter with mock United Nations letterhead. Addressed “Dear High School Ambassador,” the letter explains that world population is approaching “seven billion people.” Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “would like you to participate on an international roundtable to discuss the issues.”

The letter asks students to take “a position whether to support or oppose the pending resolution that the world must achieve zero population growth by the year 2060.” Students should also consider “alternative measures to limit impact of growth.”

Nowhere in the document is there any suggestion that more people might be a good thing. The notion of more human beings in the world is presented in an inherently negative light.

10. Murder and extortion were just “protest strategies” used by the Black Panthers

A question on a CSCOPE history exam allegedly listed four groups: the NAACP, Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the Black Panthers. The exam then asks: “Which of the above used protest strategies unlike the other groups to achieve equal rights?”

The credited answer is the Black Panthers. Members of the militant socialist organization tortured and murdered 19-year-old Alex Rackley. Nine police officers were killed in confrontations with the group. The Black Panthers also funded their activities by shaking down bar owners and petty criminals in Oakland.

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