Cornyn draws primary challenger

“I would’ve run against Cruz” in 2012, he said, had he been retired by then. But in retrospect, he said, he is glad he didn’t.

“I have a lot of the exact same views as he does, and if I’m trying to describe somebody who I would best mimic, it would be Sen. Cruz,” he said.

“I’m about as outspoken, actually maybe a little more than he is,” Wyatt said.

It is not clear just how serious a challenge Wyatt would present for the minority whip.*

Cornyn’s campaign has $2,671,655 cash on hand, according to the 2012 year end FEC filing.

“As National Journal recently noted, Sen. Cornyn is the second most conservative Senator out of 100,” Cornyn’s office said in a statement to TheDC. “Sen. Cornyn looks forward to discussing his record at the appropriate time but in the interim welcomes Mr. Wyatt into race.”

*This article previously noted the incompleteness of Wyatt’s campaign website. The website has since been updated.

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