BEDFORD: Politico is really going to miss Soledad O’Brien (because she got fired)

Or that time The Politico was so engaged by her feisty morning demeanor that they made a montage to put at the top of their article; or that time they were so enamored with her face, that they made a triptych of her adorable expressions.

In that same article, The Politico quoted Soledad: “For me, this is how you do documentary interviews. You become really knowledgeable about a topic so that you can have a really good conversation at a high level with somebody. The key for me is to be knowledgeable about the topic. Read everything. Prepare everything. Have every quote, poll number, report in front of you — it’s all about preparation, which is very similar to how you do a documentary.” (RELATED: CNN’s Soledad O’Brien wins Media Matters stamp of approval)

We guess that’s what she did for her series on Critical Race Theory.

And what she did here, and here, and there.

We’ll sure miss that hard-hitting reporting.

For a little over one year, those who tuned in enjoyed sharing their mornings with Soledad as she triumphed over facts, vanquished ratings and berated those insolent Republicans. But now, finally, she has been taken from us. And while we’re going to have to assume that Soledad’s impact on the United States won’t be lasting, and while we sure know for sure that she didn’t teach us anything new, we can say with certainty that she reminded us of a few important lessons.

Like being an opinionated pundit has it’s place –and its not when pretending to be a reporter.

And writing fluff pieces about how being an opinionated pundit is actually hard-hitting reporting, isn’t hard-hitting reporting.

And even though being a pundit is cool, being a stupid pundit is often short-lived.

And now she’s gone.

But we’re sure we’ll see her again.

Maybe at Politico?

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