Ivy League Muslim prayer service filled with homophobic invective

Junior Adam Abboud penned an open letter conveying his revulsion at the diatribe. That letter has been signed by almost 50 students so far.

“As a Muslim and a firm believer in the teachings of Islam and its premise of justice and social equity, I am absolutely disgusted by such behavior,” Abboud wrote, according to The Sun. He also hoped that the incident wouldn’t make people think of Islam “as a hateful, misogynistic [or] homophobic faith.

Cornell’s dean of students, Kent Hubbell, told The Sun that the administration plans to release a “Cornell Responds” statement concerning the incident. Hubbell asserted that the delayed response is a result of the “principles of freedom of expression” involved, “especially in a religious context.”

“We wanted to be very thoughtful about how we responded to it,” Hubbell told The Sun.

Last Monday, a meeting of various (apparently Muslim) students and community members occurred. It was decided at that meeting that the person who gave the offending sermon won’t be giving any future sermons. Also, an official apology was planned for the next Friday prayer.

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