Boehner says Senate should get ‘off their ass’

“It’s time for the Senate to act. It’s not about the House. We’ve acted,” he said, in response to a question about the bills having been passed in the last congress. “Where’s the president’s plan to avoid the sequester? Have you seen one? I haven’t seen one … Where’s the Senate Democrat plan. I want to see it.”

House Republicans have said that the ball is in the Senate’s court to pass a bill to replace the cuts, and that the House will then take up that bill. But the House will not take action on a bill until then.

That approach has come under criticism by some in their own party. On Monday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker urged a solution to avoid the sequester, and told reporters: “We’re not here speaking on behalf of Republicans on the Hill, we’re speaking on behalf of Republican governors. The contrast is, we’re providing leadership.”

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