Texas public school students don burqas, learn that Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters

The CSCOPE curriculum seems to be inherently agenda-driven — particularly in history and social studies courses. The curriculum provider has foisted some hilariously biased coursework on public school students in The Lone Star State.

For example, CSCOPE has given students material suggesting that Christianity is a cult that parallels the death and resurrection in the story of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. The same material takes pains to point out that early Christians were accused of incest, cannibalism and other atrocities.

There’s an infamous chart that innocuously describes communism as “the idea of living together in a ‘commune’ where all people work together for everyone.”

Another notorious CSCOPE lesson (now ostensibly removed from circulation) depicts the Boston Tea Party, the famous protest against taxation without representation, as an act of terrorism.

As WND notes, CSCOPE also defines Republicans as lovers of “big business over labor unions.” Warm and cuddly Democrats, meanwhile, “will spend more tax dollars on education to benefits [sic] each individual.” (The grammar error is CSCOPE’s, not WND’s.)

CSCOPE labels fascism and Nazism as “conservative,” despite the fact that both ideologies prescribe that the state should control everything and own all resources.

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