Watch as One Direction’s Harry Styles bowls over after fan catapults shoe into his crotch [VIDEO]

Even if you’ve never heard of him, Harry Styles — ex-fling of serial dater Taylor Swift — is the most popular member of the wildly popular boy band One Direction.

But that didn’t stop him from getting a shoe to the groin during a concert Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland.

E! News reports that there was a break during the concert and as the band members chatted up the audience, fans started throwing shoes on stage for some reason.

Styles caught one shoe and asked the audience where the other one was. Seconds later, he got his answer after it was catapulted directly at his crotch. He dramatically bowled over in pain as one does when one gets hit in the nuts. (Author’s note: I wouldn’t personally know what that’s like, but I’ve seen it in movies and stuff.)

His bandmates looked on in horror and Styles lay on stage for a good 10 seconds before getting up.

Watch and enjoy:


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