15 adorable animals just hanging out with their mini-me’s [SLIDESHOW]

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Taylor Bigler
Entertainment Editor

Is there anything better than an adorable animal? Why yes, yes there is: an even smaller version of that adorable animal!

Here are 15 cute animals just hanging out with miniature versions of themselves. (They are mostly cats, FYI.)

Spend a good five minutes of your day reveling in the cuteness.

(Photos via Imgur via Reddit)

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  • Let sleeping dogs lie, ok? Especially when they are THIS CUTE.
  • Just an adorable kitten pushing an even smaller kitten in a miniature shopping cart.
  • A big calico and a little calico hanging out on a ladder together, no biggie.
  • This baby Husky clearly needs more attention from the bigger Husky.
  • What's better than a miniature horse? A miniature horse standing next to a regular-sized horse.
  • Baby hedgehog + adult hedgehog = CUTE.
  • Both the big tabby and the small tabby would like to know what you are staring at.
  • There are even mini-me's in the wild, like this large elephant and the small elephant.
  • The only thing better than a cat is a Corgi, and the only thing better than a Corgi is a baby Corgi.
  • A calico cat and it's mini-me is a splendid thing.
  • Who is going to get in trouble for getting on the kitchen counter first?
  • Tabby cats just chillin'.
  • A big panda is hugging a baby panda!
  • "Simba, one day this will all be yours." - Mufasa
  • It's hard to decide who will be big spoon and who will be big spoon when both these dachshunds are SO SMALL AND CUTE. But only one can be smaller than the other.

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