Madness and transformative transcendentalism

And please keep in mind that all this has come about because the president has not once, in four years in office, submitted a budget to the Congress, as he is constitutionally obligated to do. And the Senate, controlled by the president’s own party, has not once passed a budget since 2008. Only the House of Representatives has passed budgets, but none has received serious consideration from either the Senate or the president.

Instead, we are left bound to the conveyor belt, headed for the budget sawmill created by President Obama. Meanwhile, Obama is standing aside, pointing a finger of scorn at House Republicans, asking why they don’t do anything to stop the madness. And the national media stand by, reporting with a straight face every banality issued by the White House.

Madness, indeed. But the madness is ours, not the president’s. He’s crazy like a fox.

Bart Marcois was a career Foreign Service officer, serving in four Middle Eastern countries. He is the former principal deputy assistant secretary of energy for international affairs.