Markey: ‘Fiscal cliff’ not as big a deal as global warming

Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Ed Markey said in December that the world’s “climate cliff” is far more important an issue than the nation’s “fiscal cliff,” according to a video obtained by The Daily Caller.

Markey’s statement, which he made prior to announcing his Senate candidacy, is curious, considering his rhetoric this week on the campaign trail calling the fiscal cliff, which included sequestration and other tax hikes, a “hurricane of despair.”

“Everyone in Washington has been discussing the fiscal cliff. Will we end the tax cuts for high end earners? Will we go over the cliff? Well, half a world a way in Doha, the international community is trying to avert sending the globe over the climate cliff,” Markey said in a speech Dec. 4, referring to the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Qatar. “If our country goes over the fiscal cliff, we will be able to climb back up, but if our planet goes over the climate cliff, we will plunge into an abyss of impacts that we cannot reverse.”


Despite calling the fiscal cliff something that we could “climb back” from in December, Senate candidate Markey said this week that sequestration is a “hurricane” fraught with “despair.”

“There is a storm on its way. A hurricane on its way. … It is the storm of poverty. It is the storm of job loss. It is the storm of despair,” Markey said in regard to the impending sequester.

Markey’s Senate candidacy has received the endorsement of the environmentalist organization the Sierra Club.

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