Woodward under fire as White House, allies seek to discredit sequester reporting

For their part, GOP flacks are spotlighting the White House’s pile-on, and tweeting out their own taunts.

“‘You’ll regret this’ – is a threat,” said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which helps senators’ election campaigns. “May not be of violence, but it is a threat. Definition: an indication or warning of probable trouble,” he added.

He also prodded journalists to look past the finger-pointing to the core disagreement between Woodward and the White House. “Don’t chase the [David] Plouffe spin. He’s throwing a curveball to distract from Woodward’s true point: Obama not being honest on sequester.”

Dayspring also taunted liberals for their sudden criticism of Woodward.

“Will liberal professors have to stop showing ‘All the President’s Men’ to their students now that Woodward is being blackballed by the left?” he tweeted.

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