President Barack Obama: “I am not a dictator”


You know what this means, right? He really does think he’s a dictator.

Just kidding. A dictator doesn’t listen to his subjects. He rules by fiat. He can’t abide criticism and dissent, and uses his power to stifle it. He’s the center of a cult of personality, reveling in the adoration of his devoted minions.

Does that sound like President Barack Obama to you?

(Hat tip: Daniel Halper)

P.S. Has anybody done a YouTube supercut of President Barack Obama saying, “I’m the president”? He sure does say it a lot. As if we’re ever allowed to forget…

P.P.S. Obama asks reporters what he ‘should do’ about the sequester. Um… how about getting in Doc Brown’s DeLorean and stopping yourself from proposing it and signing it into law?

P.P.P.S. I didn’t realize how stupid and insane that whole section of the press conference was:

I need time to unpack all that. It’s everything that’s wrong with the Obama administration, and its codependents in the media, packed into 100 seconds.

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