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Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: Getty Images) Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: Getty Images)  

Top 10: Reasons why Jennifer Lawrence is awesome [SLIDESHOW]

At just 22-years-old, Jennifer Lawrence is the star of the biggest movie franchise since “Twilight” — “The Hunger Games” — co-stars in an equally high-profile prequel series — “X-Men” — and just won the Academy Award for best actress.

It would be safe to assume that she is kind of a pretentious little snot. But it turns out that she is quite the opposite and is actually super awesome. (Author’s note: I’m not quite sure if I want to literally be her, be best friends with her or date her, although I don’t swing that way, but would consider it for her.)

Here are some of her most hilarious, self-deprecating or just plain bizarre comments or facial expressions that make her completely down-to-earth despite her megastar status. (Also, she apparently likes to smoke weed and drink red wine on Hawaiian balconies, if you are into that sort of thing. Which we are.)

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