Holy Shet: an invasion of Shetland ponies [SLIDESHOW]

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Betsi Fores
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The Daily Caller is always on the cutting edge of the next big trend. Let us present to you the biggest Internet sensation since the cat slideshow — the Shetland pony slideshow.

Now you are probably wondering what exactly is Shetland pony is. They are basically just midget horses. Awesome, right?

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Brace yourselves — it doesn’t get much better than this, folks. (There are even some Shetland ponies wearing sweaters. For real.)

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  • These little guys are the perfect pets to take on walks.
  • Observe the Shetland ponies in their natural habitat.
  • Will Cruella de Vil next want 101 Shetland ponies? (via tubblesnap/Flickr)
  • Soon, there will be books written about Mini Black Beauty.
  • Fair Isle ponies in Fair Isle sweaters. (via Imgur)
  • The Shetland pony's version of cousin Itt. (via Bryz tries/Flickr)
  • Shetland hipsters rocking the side swoop mane style.
  • "Don't bother me, I'm eating."
  • This is what we call an adorable pile of Shet. (derekt007/Flickr)

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