Let’s starve! Kids forced to go hungry for hours during Michelle Obama media event

“The students framed the stage on three sides and the media was seated on the four side of the rectangular square,” Putnam continues. “As the commercial, I mean event, began each athlete was introduced. They all had a 1-2 minute motivational speech that was so cheesy that none of the athletes really seemed to connect with the students and the messages did not resonate. It seemed like one giant Nike advertisement.”

When Michelle Obama finally came out, she didn’t face the children.

“She was facing the media,” reports Putnam.

What followed was a bunch of exercising. Recall, though, that the kids were instructed not to bring any food.

“They were dropping like flies,” explains Putnam. “Most of my students were sitting on the ground by the time [pop star] Jordin Sparks started singing.”

“Around 1:30 pm the concert was over,” Putnam relates. “Everyone was corralled back into the very large room we started in and went back to where we were originally waiting. They began calling buses, starting with 1-10.  Imagine my thinking when I looked down at my wrist band and saw ‘bus 291.'”

Putnam says she and her students waited some two and a half hours for their bus.