Limbaugh sees similarities in Obama’s sequester politicking to Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-tung [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On his Tuesday radio show, conservative host Rush Limbaugh blamed President Barack Obama for the ongoing rift between the two parties.

“Isn’t it interesting that people want the parties to work together, but only the Republicans get the blame for not doing it, when they’re the only ones that try?” Limbaugh said. “The Republicans actually are the only ones. It’s silly and it’s folly, but they are trying to make compromise agreements with the Democrats. The Democrats want no part of it. Obama wants no part of it. The Republicans get the blame for it — and that’s because of the perpetual, never-ending campaign.”

“We had the news last hour,” he continued. “Tax revenue collected is at an all-time high, with $2.7 trillion of tax revenue collected. In the middle of a recession, with 8.5 million fewer jobs existing than four years ago and unemployment at 14 percent, tax revenues are at an all-time high. Yet Obama’s running around talking about how people aren’t taxed enough yet. Not just the rich. He’s not through taxing everybody. At $2.7 trillion, a record amount of revenue collected, we’re still going to have a deficit of $1 trillion because we’re spending $3.7 trillion. It’s a clear illustration that we have a spending problem.”

But Limbaugh suggested Obama’s tactic here was remarkably similar to two other infamous world leaders — Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and former Chinese dictator Mao Tse-tung.

“Have you ever noticed, folks, the way this works?” Limbaugh said. “In Cuba, Fidel Castro has been running that country into the ground since 1959-1960. Castro still talks about the revolution! He did the revolution. He took control 50 years ago. As far as the way he governs, he’s still trying to take control. He’s still fighting those evil Batista forces. The revolution still hasn’t been completed yet.”

“All popular dictators do it this way,” Limbaugh added. “Mao Tse-tung, Castro, they never stop. They may change the terms to “cultural revolution” or what have you, but they never stop with the image of constantly fighting these powerful forces of oppression. It’s exactly what’s happening here.”

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