Texas House Bill 972: Campus Personal Protection Act

NRA ILA | Contributor

State Representative Allen Fletcher (R) has filed House Bill 972, NRA-backed legislation allowing Concealed Handgun Licensees (CHLs) to protect themselves in buildings on the campuses of public colleges and universities in Texas.  As you may recall, the state Senate passed this legislation as a stand-alone bill in 2009 and as an amendment to a higher education bill in 2011.  During both sessions, the full state House of Representatives failed to even consider this measure.  During that time, high-profile shootings have occurred at the University of Texas at Austin and several blocks from the Texas A&M campus in College Station.  Both locations are classified as ‘gun-free zones,’ but in reality are simply places where CHLs are rendered defenseless against criminals under current law.

We need to build momentum for this issue in the House as public hearings begin on filed bills.  It is critical that you contact your state Representative and urge him or her to sign on as a co-author to HB 972.  Let your state Representative know that inaction on this issue for a third session in a row is not acceptable!

Contact information for your state Representative can be found here.

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