Can the IRS handle Obamacare?

Even the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration admitted just this week in testimony to Congress that the IRS isn’t up to the job of enforcing Obamacare: “It is unprecedented in recent history, the amount of responsibility the IRS is being given in an area that most people don’t think of as an IRS function. … This is going to lead to problems.”

How does the GAO think the IRS is doing in carrying out these 47 Obamacare enforcement mechanisms? According to the report, “IRS is more likely to have units working at cross purposes, problems measuring performance, an incomplete picture of resource needs, and risks that are not mitigated. … Without additional guidance, IRS staff selecting mitigation strategies may not fully evaluate all alternatives or verify that resources are available for the strategy chosen.” In plain English, taxpayers should expect their annual tax season headache to become an Obamacare migraine until Congress gets the IRS out of the healthcare business.

Ryan Ellis is tax policy director at Americans for Tax Reform.