Mark Steyn: McCain, Graham ‘mercurial figures,’ ‘not helpful to the Republican Party cause’

“It also doesn’t seem to square with John McCain’s solicitude, for example, towards those held at Guantanamo, and those subjected to waterboarding. And I certainly think that the care he demonstrates for the handful of people, foreign nationals who have been waterboarded, ought to at least extend to his compatriots as well.”

And despite the objections of McCain and Graham, Steyn praised Paul for his “effective” use of new media for the betterment of the Republican cause.

“I think you’re absolutely right on that. You know, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are mercurial figures,” he added. “But on this side, you know, Rand Paul demonstrated how to be effective, how to use the new media, and how to do yourself and the party a lot of good.”

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