What if the pope was selected through reality TV? [SLIDESHOW]

The selection of the next pope is done through a time-honored tradition — the conclave — that involves a secret meeting of a bunch of old men gathered in a room and some various colors of smoke.

What if, however, the next pope was selected through a more conventional manner, say, through reality TV?

Here are some reality show suggestions for the next time the cardinals have to go pope picking.

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  • Perhaps the "Real Nuns of Vatican City? Not sure how the pope would fit in, but whatever.
  • What if the candidates had to dance their way to the holy position in "Dancing with the Cardinals?"
  • "Say 'Yes' to the Papal Mitre"
  • "Honey Po-Pope?"
  • "Keeping up with the Kardinals" could be a great option, too.
  • What about "The Real World: Vatican City"?
  • Another fan favorite trivia game, "Are you smarter than a Pope?"
  • Instead of "America's Next Top Model," why not "World's Next Top Bishop?"
  • The cardinals could play a trivia game called "Who wants to be the Pope?"
  • "Will you, Holy father, accept this rose?" in what we will call The Pope-chelor.

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