10 extremely esoteric dating sites for all you freaks out there [SLIDESHOW]

Are you sick of being single, but don’t want to give up your cat lady lifestyle? Good thing there’s a matchmaking service for cat lovers!

Do you want a meaningful, passionate relationship without the whole sex part? Luckily, there is an online dating resource for all you asexuals out there who only want to hold hands.

If Match.com has successfully joined people together in holy matrimony, then why can’t SurvivalistSingles.com — a dating site for people preparing for doomsday — do the same thing?

Here are 10 extremely esoteric dating sites (we didn’t even have to get into the whole sexual fetish arena to find these bizarre dating sites.)

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  • Big city folks just can't understand the plight of the rural farmer, so FarmersOnly.com is here to pair you up with your dream cowboy or cowgirl. City slickers need not apply.
  • It must be pretty hard out there for sea captains to meet people, so SeaCaptainDate.com actually makes perfect sense. The dating site helps you find other sea captains looking for love in a shore-less place.
  • Do you like Apple products? No, but do you REALLY REALLY like Apple products? Then Cupidtino is the dating site for you. The matchmaking service pairs up people who really love talking about iPhones and MacBooks. It's name is a play on Cupertino, Calif. where Apple is based. (Nerd alert!)
  • If you think the world is about to end (and let's face it, we ALL know that the zombie apocalypse is only a matter of time) but don't want to spend your final living days alone, why not try out SurvivalistSingles.com to meet your equally insane partner in doomsday preparations?
  • If you have a twin, and you and your twin only want to date other sets of twins, then TwinsRealm.com is just the right, strange place for all four of you.
  • If you didn't have any luck on RedStateDate.com, why not try Atlasphere.com, a dating site that connects "admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged." Hey, you never know -- you could find your very own John Galt out there.
  • RedStateDate.com is the perfect site to find your Reagan-loving partner. Along with the typical "What music do you like?" questions, the site also recommends matches based on who your favorite ideological leader is.
  • Do you love yourself? Do you stare at yourself every time you pass a mirror or an extremely clean window? Does it upset you that you cannot legally marry yourself? Well, FindYourFaceMate.com uses facial recognition technology to match couples up based on how much they look alike.
  • Cat lovers get a really bad rap, and it's just really unfair, OK? Feline lovers probably have a difficult time finding dates since all we like to do is sit at home with our feline friends, but thanks to Purrsonals.com, you can meet the cat lover of your dreams! (Author's note: I may or may not be signing up for this right now.)
  • Looking for a meaningful, romantic relationship but hate the thought of sex or any sort of sexual activity? Asexualitic.com is "the first dating site for asexual people," and wants to help you find your hand-holding life partner.

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