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Andrew Wilkow on illegal immigration: ‘I want a law I can break’ [VIDEO]

In an interview with The Daily Caller, conservative radio host Andrew Wilkow said identity politics are leading the country in the wrong direction.

“A woman is an individual. She is an individual human being, an autonomous unit,” Wilkow said. “What do you mean, ‘the women’s agenda?’ What do you mean, ‘the black agenda?’ Black Americans or white Americans or whatever — we are individual, autonomous human beings with likes and dislikes. … [There is] the idea that we are supposed to always be finding some group to dilute ourselves into.”

He also hit the Democrats and President Barack Obama for their handling of illegal immigration.

“You want a law that some people can break? Well, I want a law I can break,” he said. “What law are you going to give me to break?”

Catch up with any parts of Wilkow’s interview you may have missed below:

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