McClintock: GOP winning sequestration debate, but losing spending fight

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent wrote this week that it is “very unlikely” that progressives will get their preferred endgame.

“As the sequester grows increasingly unpopular, Obama and Dems rally public opinion to force Republicans to replace it with a deal that combines new revenues with judicious spending cuts that don’t hit entitlement benefits. I’m just not seeing any way this happens,” Sargent wrote.

And after the failure of a Senate bill to restart White House tours, Republican Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn released a list of seemingly frivolous federal spending that has not been cut amid the sequester brouhaha. (RELATED: Lawmakers reject plan to reopen tours)

McClintock added that  Washington is missing a chance to make a serious dent in federal spending, which has increased by 64 percent over the past 10 years. The sequester reductions, he noted, are a tiny fraction of the necessary spending cuts.

“You’ve got to remember something,” McClintock said. “Sequestration doesn’t actually cut spending. It merely slows the rate of increase, and not by much. That this administration says it can’t handle such a modest reduction is a pretty stunning indictment of their judgment and their competence.”

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