Top 10: Best artworks by prolific painter, former President George W. Bush [SLIDESHOW]

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Taylor Bigler
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It sucks when prominent former American leaders’ personal e-mail’s get hacked, because it is an invasion of privacy and all that stuff.

However, without someone hacking into former President George W. Bush’s e-mail, the world might never have been introduced to his passion project: painting.

Earlier this year, a few of Bush’s paintings were leaked, but Gawker recently obtained more of the weird yet charming artworks of George W.

Here are 10 of his best pieces so far.

(Also, note his badass signature on each painting: “43″ — because, you know — he was the 43rd president.)

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  • Is this a zebra or a horse? It doesn't matter. Use your imagination.
  • It is said that Bush's favorite subjects to paint are dogs of all varieties.
  • Now THAT'S a Texas sunset.
  • Here is W in action, reportedly painting a church near the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.
  • Bush is apparently self-reflective during bath time.
  • Here is a still-life of a bowl of grapes.
  • Sometimes, dudes just like to play golf. This must be captured in paint.
  • What is better than one sleepy dog? TWO sleepy dogs! Especially when one is a corgi.
  • This is an interesting painting of an old house, in a skewed, Van Gogh-like sort of way.
  • Finally, a portrait of the late beloved Barney Bush who once resided at the White House.

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